Gateway from Morocco to the world!​

Computers and knowledge how to use them, will give you borderless opportunities - we help Moroccans with both!​

We're creating opportunities in Morocco​

By bringing advanced computers from developed countries to Morocco and teaching how to use them for a life change.​

It’s possible thanks to our GreenDice member enterprises, who are socially responsible and want to contribute to the better future. They are eager to share their knowledge and skills to inspire others to use computer related tech to advance their lives.

The computer as a tool that has successfully served its previous owner can now carry forward the mission: to popularise and support the development of digital literacy in Morocco, to create opportunities for local people to improve their standard of living.


What we offer​

High quality computers below the market price

Due to the GreenDice members who make the technical circle functional, we are able to sell high quality computers only with operational cost. That’s 3-4 times cheaper than the normal market price.
These are made available to buy only to those who participate in GreenDice hobby circles.

Knowledge and skills to take the maximum benefit from a computer

Computer is an educational tool that makes it possible to learn whatever you desire. Step by step we’re creating interest groups around the country to teach the know-how and skills to make the computer a tool to advance Moroccans careers. 


Real people will share their stories

GreenDice members are mostly large organizations with highly skilled people, whose main work tool is a computer. We’ll bring these people to the stage to speak, how, why and what they have accomplished. Just to give you a vision, what it takes to become one of the best in your field.


How can we offer computers below the market price?​

Thanks to GreenDice members contribution​

They understand that buying a computer has a higher meaning, which they can contribute themselves. So for doing so they have joined GreenDice to only buy computers that are last longing and sustainable and use their own knowledge and skills to give it forward to create opportunities. We put our effort to get special pricing from the producers and implement the higher goal to later on bring these computers to the places they wouldn’t normally reach. After 3 – 5 years, if the first owner is looking to buy a new computer, we buy back the computers to continue its story..


To make the old as new​

We actually give the more meaningful vision to our members and their employees, once they have bought new computers from us. Companies and people care and they want to be environmentally friendly and take a good care of their working tools. Green and circular economy is only possible when people contribute into taking really good care of high quality items. But sometimes life happens and this is why we still control and check all the devices before sending them to new areas we have picked up.


We deliver it to Morocco

Right now we are looking the areas in Morocco, Estonia and Latvia. We have a bigger vision that if everything is well inside the mentioned markets, then the world is a big place, just pick the place and start developing the concept.


First case study

The idea originated from a casual tourist trip to Morocco a few years ago, where the manager of a local surf camp was relatively computer literate. We started talking and after a couple of years, we established a company in Morocco. After that when we sent the first 60 laptops to Morocco, we actually realised that people didn’t know what opportunities a computer could offer them. So we started developing the bigger idea to continuously create opportunities in Morocco via computers.


GreenDice in numbers​

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Active countries

Our first GreenDice center in Morocco


We are soon planning to open our first GreenDice hobby circle called Starship in Morocco. Starship is a GreenDice member where the team members will share their everyday knowledge and skills working with a computer. All the participants in the hobby circle, will be able to get quality computers below the market price. We will keep the page updated, when and where exactly it will be opened.

You are an organization and want to contribute in creating a new computer related technology consumption culture?

Read more and contact us!